Rapid Transformation


As councils across the country put the finishing touches to their Better Care Fund plans , West Berkshire Community hub has been delivering the cost savings and societal benefits that integrated care and improved access to community services brings for some time.

iESE recognised the benefits of developing the role of voluntary services in frontline care. We worked with West Berks to create a more joined-up approach between statutory, voluntary and third sector resources in the area. By working together more closely, vulnerable cases would be identified earlier and interventions put in place to prevent worsening situations.

Creating a single point of reference for specialist advice and information helped to overcome vulnerable people’s resistance to accessing support. Community services could also be mobilised more quickly as the local authority perspective and understanding of those services was improved.

This project led to a re-examination of community care from the perspective of the service user.

It improved signposting and communication around the services available and it reduced care management time of emergency cases (typically by up to 80 hours).

Reducing reoffending in the Isle of Wight

iESE has also worked to reduce reoffending rates in older prisoners on the Isle of Wight. With the daily cost of keeping a prisoner amounting to around £1000 per day, finding ways of reducing reoffending delivers significant cost benefits. iESE put in a programme that started in prison, encouraging older prisoners to engage more, build self confidence through out-of-cell activities and an older persons forum. The programme enabled quicker referral decisions to be made by promoting the sharing of prisoners assessment histories across the entire prison estate and used the prisoner’s care assessment to identify suitable accommodation on release, geared to individual need.