Public Sector Transformation Awards 2021

Church House - London
3 March 2021 - 6:30pm


Applications will open in August 2020. You will be able to download the nomination form from this page #watchthisspace

Next year iESE is celebrating 12 years of the Public Sector Transformation Awards, and the event shall be as glamourous as ever. Every year we receive hundreds of nominations from local authorities across the UK to achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze in each category of these Awards, which will be held in March 2020. The awards ceremony is sponsored so that no public money is spent on the event and each winner is provided with free places in recognition of their efforts in improving their local areas.

To have a look at last years winner, please go to the Public Sector Transformation 2020 page, and you can find the photographs of the 2020 Awards can be found on our Facebook page.

This year our awards ceremony was LIVE STREAMED on our Facebook page - which is available to view for those who wish to watch the event. 


Award Categories 2021

UK Council of the Year 2021

UK Fire & Rescue Service of the Year 2021

UK Police Service of the Year 2021

UK Ambulance Service of the Year 2021


These awards will be presented to a Council, a Fire Service, a Police Service and an Ambulance Service deemed outstanding in transforming the delivery of its services. The winners will be announced on Wednesday 4th March during the awards ceremony.


Asset Management and Regeneration
This award is for innovative local authority-led projects that use assets to deliver proven benefits to communities.


Best Transformation Team
This award recognises a team who has made an exceptional contribution and long-term positive impact in their organisation through a series of transformation and continuous improvement. They continuously look for new ways to innovate and push the boundaries of local public service deployment.


Communications Award
No matter the budget, topic or channel, we are looking for excellence in public service communications campaigns; in particular the campaigns that made a real impact.


Community Focus Award
This award is for the initiative that does most to reinvigorate the local community.  This might be for a major programme of regeneration that creates economic opportunity for the local area or initiatives that engage the local community, creating greater resilience, better life chances and less dependency on public services.


Customer Focus Award
Celebrating organisations that deliver outstanding service to their customers, this Award recognises those that, firstly, demonstrate the link between excellent customer service and improved value to the bottom line.


Best Use Of Digital And Technology
This award is for the innovative use of digital tools and technology, from remodelling existing services, to creating totally new services that lead to an improved outcome and build dynamic local public services.


Award For Efficiency and Effectiveness
This organisation has harnessed the real potential in their organisation, delivering elevated performance and creating efficiencies.


Green Public Service Award
This award recognises, rewards and promotes environmental best practice across the public sector in the UK. This organisation has shown how they have helped the environment and improved sustainability not only in their organisation, but their surrounding community.


Award For Innovation
This award is not only open to the public sector but also private or third sectororganisations.This award is for developing and/or bringing to market new innovative technologies or facilities that can transform the delivery of a local public service.


Intelligent Public Service Award
This award is for the better use of data in better decision making, transparency and understanding community need, as exemplified in the Local Government Association’s Intelligent Council Initiative. â€‹


Transformation in Heath & Social Care 
With increasing demand and reducing budgets, re- thinking the delivery of care services is essential. Submissions can be based upon transforming access to services, remodelling the service, working in partnership or a combination of all three. The winning submissions will have demonstrated the greatest impact for customers of health and social care. 


Working Together Award
This award is for simplifying the way that residents and local businesses deal with public services, bringing together multiple contact points, removing the barriers between organisations and moving resources closer to the customer. 


Our Public Sector Transformation Awards 2020 is a proudly sponsored event. If you are interested in sponsoring the awards, please go to our sponsors page.