Innovation Club inspired at East Ayrshire

The iESE Innovation Club runs events throughout the year. Members can attend these events, which are sometimes hosted by a local authority, to see innovation in action

The most recent iESE Innovation Club event, which took place in August, saw members visit East Ayrshire Council in Scotland. East Ayrshire won the iESE Council of the Year award in 2017 and has continued to innovate and transform. The visit was well-received by attendees who were taken on a tour of the council's projects.

Tim Madden, Corporate Director for Organisational Change at Folkestone & Hythe District Council, said the trip had been an "eye opener". "We came expecting to hear more about the digital transformation side, but what they’ve done is made that connectivity about how it all works in real life (in the community with the people) and how it can be translated into actions for the local authority," he said. 

Brian Boggis, Cabinet Member for Regeneration at Adur & Worthing Councils, agreed the visit had been eye-opening and helped to give a new way of looking at things, while Dave Heywood, Chief Executive of South Staffordshire District Council also found it worthwhile. "It’s very clear to see that East Ayrshire is truly community focused and they demonstrate it from the senior leadership down through to the frontline on the ground. It’s just there to see and it’s absolutely working. That’s what I personally will be taking away from this event

As part of iESE's commitment to showcasing innovative suppliers, the event was also attended by Netcall, a customer experience software supplier. Simon Pike, Market Solution Specialist at Netcall, said it had been fantastic to meet people he would not normally get to meet and explore how local authorities were using different methods to be innovative. "It gave us an opportunity to look at where local authorities are investing their time and money and how can we assist with that," he added.

The iESE Innovation Club provides an independent arena for public bodies to network, hear and learn from sector experts, industry leaders and, most importantly, its own members. We provide a safe environment to share ideas and concerns, giving members a platform for frank exchanges around successes and challenges and the opportunity for troubleshooting and problem solving. 

Uniquely, our club is open to both officers and councillors and enables our members to leverage benefits for the whole organisation for the cost of just one membership. We believe bringing officers and councillors together is the key to successful development of public authorities - offering a greater shared understanding and allowing the development of council priorities from both perspectives. 

Membership of the iESE Innovation Club costs £5,000 per year per authority. This allows attendance for up to two members or officers to each event throughout the year and complementary or preferential rates for other events hosted by iESE and its partners. There are some other benefits too, such as discount on work carried out by iESE following on from an event in the Innovation Club programme, five per cent off day rates for tailored services and a £5,000 rebate on tailored services costing in excess of £50,000. These are subject to terms and conditions - please speak to an iESE consultant if you require further details.


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