Maximising Regulatory Services with iESE

Having the ability to protect consumers and the public from dishonest traders and criminals is one of the most important frontline services that people rely upon. Often the unsung heroes of councils, regulatory services is vital in ensuring we are protected every day, but it’s also a service area that has borne the brunt of severe cuts over recent years. Transforming the way this crucial service is delivered and doing more for less is fundamental for regulatory services to reach full potential.

The Improvement and Efficiency Social Enterprise exists to help all UK public bodies continuously find new ways of delivering improved services at lower cost to help balance the books.  Our specialist team can provide practical on-site support to deliver transformation and help you realise both improvements and efficiencies in line with your corporate priorities that will maintain regulatory services for years to come.

Our experience and expertise in diagnostics and delivery, along with our networking abilities as part of the local government ‘family’, has enabled us to develop a range of innovative support offers to help hard pressed councils and their regulatory services drive transformational change to secure better service delivery for less money. By operating on a cost recovery only basis, we provide you with a real value for money alternative to other consultants.

We offer three opportunities to maximise change whilst maintaining high quality services delivered at reduced cost:

  • Our three-day Diagnostic Assessment involves examining current service delivery against corporate priorities and performance criteria; interviews with your service management team to understand current and future challenges; an external service assessment to gather business/customer perception; an overview of your team’s current visibility including web presence and social media with advice on how to maximise usage; and delivery of a service action plan with prioritised recommendations to fully enhance your service and balance the books.\
  • Undertaken by our highly experienced team, our Rapid Service Improvement Review is a rapid, cost-effective and fully inclusive service improvement review. Working closely with your client manager and service team to deliver tangible service change improvements, maximise efficiency, reduce costs and improve your customers’ experience, the RSIR is a more in-depth exploration of your most urgent needs.
  • We also work with councils to explore Alternative Service Delivery Models including joint service provision, social enterprises/mutuals, outsourcing and commissioning including for regulatory and related services.

Owned, led and governed by councils, iESE is a not-for-profit social enterprise that has already helped local government make £250m in cashable savings. Across the UK, 75% of local authorities are now using our online services and at any one time we are supporting change in 8 to 10 councils.

At iESE, we know that every local authority is unique which is why we offer a flexible, local grass roots approach to each individual circumstance. Our on-site capacity, expertise and practical support delivers results, not reports, and when you invest £1 in iESE, you are guaranteed at least £5 in efficiency savings.

As a Premier Practice of the Institute of Consulting, the only recognised body in the UK,  we commit to work to its Code of Professional Conduct and Practice, meaning we adhere to the standards of competence, honesty, integrity and other professional behaviours defined in the Code.

What others have said

‘It was immediately obvious that iESE got us and understood what we were facing …’
Rob Cottrill, Chief Executive, Eastbourne Borough Council

To find out how iESE can help you, please email, or call Business Support on 01883 73 2957.