ProClass: The power behind your efficiency drive

With the drive for greater efficiency at the top of every council’s agenda, you need the very best tools to make informed, accurate decisions about where your next areas of collaboration and cash savings will be.

One of those tools is ProClass.

ProClass is local government’s very own standard procurement classification system. Designed by local government for local government, it gives you the power to share and compare your financial information easily, quickly and accurately with any local authority using ProClass.

ProClass allows you to pin-point new areas for collaboration and sources of new savings using well defined, unambiguous categories. And it doesn’t have the problems of other coding systems which have hindered market analysis and collaborative working in the past.

Simplicity is its virtue

It’s free of charge and easy to use, and with training, advice and a dedicated website, you’ve got plenty of support behind you.

You don’t need to make changes to your existing coding and classification systems or to your IT systems. With just three tiers and 300 categories, ProClass sits over other procurement coding systems like UNSPSC, CPV and Thomson. There are free mappings to all the major procurement classification and coding systems as well.

You won’t find any hidden costs or bureaucratic hurdles and there’s no need for expensive consultants to help you implement it.

Local Authorities heavily using ProClass

Nearly 75 of English local authorities use ProClass - that was the conclusion for one of the biggest surveys undertaken by iESE earlier this year where over 40% of English local authorities took part. You can download as summary sheet of the main outcomes here.

It is clear from the survey outcomes that ProClass is now being used across the country, as there were no significant regional variations. London provided the highest feedback with 82% of London boroughs taking part, while there were high returns from North East, South East and Yorkshire and Humber. Tier one authorities, which account for 85% of English local government’s £60B third party expenditure, accounted for most of the responses.
In terms of procurement and classification systems, ProClass was the clear winner with 75% using it, often alongside a coding system. CPV was the most popular coding system, given its use in EU OJEU advertising, closely followed by UNSPSC.

Of the authorities no using ProClass, nearly 54% were either introducing it or planning to introduce it in the near future.

This shows that ProClass is clearly the established procurement classification for English local government.

For more details about the survey or to get a regional analysis of the outcomes please contact the iESE team by e-mailing  or telephone 01883 732957


Getting Access

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