Procurement Healthcheck


When Bracknell Forest asked iESE to look at their procurement  processes, iESE delivered a proposal to save 1% of spend (equivalent to 40 posts), by looking at the process end-to-end, from co-ordinated sourcing to procurement visibility.  
Bracknell Forest Council recognised the challenging financial climate and focused on the medium term delivery of savings where just a small percentage reduction in spend would achieve significant savings. iESE’s findings and recommendations were endorsed by Bracknell Forest’s Corporate Management Team. These included:

  • Introducing a strategic procurement role and raising the profile and involvement at senior levels 
  • Introducing strategic challenge and continuous improvement 
  • category management approach devolved across Bracknell Forest Council -  Procurement, including contract management into devolved job roles  
  • limiting purchasing of goods and services to preferred supplier lists 
  • actively consider demand management by stopping/delaying or re-specifying 
  • Introducing a more pro-active procurement communications strategy 

By implementing these recommendations, iESE identified they would:

  • deliver a 1% reduction in spend would, achieve savings of over £1m, or the equivalent of 40 posts.
  • create a category management approach providing a coordinated sourcing, supply and contract management strategy, having regard for supply market influences and the Council’s wider objectives 
  • support effective specification setting and reduce scope creep; create awareness of future market developments and stimulate innovation; increase control over spend by prevention of “maverick” spending; and create more commercial awareness 
  • support collaboration between departments and with other organisations; support continuous learning and sharing best practice 
  • support a clearer, coordinated and transparent process for sourcing and dealing with different markets and suppliers 
  • support end-to-end processes in procurement visibility, communication, compliance, and decision making 
  • ensure effective spending and that suppliers are delivering best value.

We can work alongside you to realise the savings and efficiencies in your processes.