Shared Procurement Service


As part of the local government family, we fully understand the challenges that councils face during the current financial climate. With critical spending pressures facing councils for the foreseeable future, all could benefit from a more strategic approach to procurement that ensures sustainable service delivery and value for money for the council taxpayer.

Councils rely heavily on their supply chains and networks of organisations to deliver their services in an effective and efficient manner. Through budgetary pressures and a need to support the economic recovery, including their local economies, Councils face tough challenges in how they spend tax-payers’ money. 

iESE’s Shared Procurement Service can provide your council with a more strategic, joined up approach to find the efficiency savings your council needs, whilst taking account of the local economies and stimulating innovation.

The Solution

iESE’s Shared Procurement Service (SPS) brings together councils with similar ambitions to help leverage efficiency savings and manage supply markets. With more authorities signing up to deliver real shared services, the ability to collaborate and influence markets better can only increase.
iESE’s SPS can help you to access the best deals and delivers a full transparent programme that allows councils to show their residents’ how their council tax is being spent. But the SPS isn’t just about saving money – it is also about ensuring appropriate quality of service delivery by suppliers. It will provide your council with a more strategic outlook and with direct support from iESE, best practice will become embedded throughout your organisation.

iESE’s SPS will ensure that your council is much more resilient to economic, financial and/or reputational risk in the future.

In order to become part of iESE’s SPS, councils pay £75k a year for four years. 


How it works: 

  • delivered through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) rather than a contracted service so that the council is an owner of the 'business'. 
  • operates within UK and EU public procurement rules and all resulting procurements are fully compliant.
  • the SPV will form the legal entity that underpins the operations and will be constructed based on full legal advice.
  • any surpluses that will be generated from operating the SPS will be re-invested into the SPS for the benefit of its owners. 
  • owners all have a seat on the SPS Board to enable them to help set the future direction.
  • your council’s local uniqueness of requirements will be retained through the delivery of a specific tailored work programme. 
  • your councils’ products/services will be purchased in line with procurement policy, allowing balance of risk, sustainability and impact on the market. 
  • all products/services will be purchased through a compliant route with a clear audit trail.
  • iESE’s SPS will always consider the most sustainable solution to achieve a balance between collaboration and supporting the local economy.