As it stands, the UK are at the back of the queue for getting supplies imported from overseas. Anyone who comes into close contact with patients who may or do have coronavirus should wear some form of protection. This includes staff working in care homes, prisons and the community, as well as in GP surgeries or hospitals.

 In order to address this issue, we are now a procurement channel in certified quality standard PPE for care homes and local government.

Project Little Boat

We are working directly with manufacturers and with Project Little Boat to make certified quality standard PPE available to local government. The value proposition of Project Little Boat is to firstly offer a turnkey solution for Government to bring PPE to the UK from China, at scale, now, to save lives. And secondly, to help create an independent UK by developing our own PPE solutions. Not only is shortage a challenge, but the increased consumption of PPE creates a recycling issue as well. Project Little Boat has addressed this by to setting up a national network for recycling PPE.

Click here to find out more about Project Little Boat.

Tackling the PPE Shortage

Rapid is proud to be working with iESE to provide a procurement channel for care providers to source PPE for those who need it most, and also make certified quality standard of PPE available to local government for healthcare needs within their communities.

This secure portal provides two distinct types of procurement services covering both immediate, small to medium quantity purchases and future high quantity PPE aggregation. Click here to see our PPE offerings.

PPE Featured Products

See below a selection from our range of products which have been priced specifically for the public sector.

PPE product 8-2   PPE product 8-3 

PPE product 8-4   PPE product 8-5 

PPE product 8-6   PPE product 8-7   

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