Leadership Diagnostic

We are conducting an update of the last systematic look at leadership in the sector.

Back then a fresh-faced doctoral student was working on his PhD of ‘Leadership in a Political Environment, and now Dr Jonathan Huish, who has done so much with the sector and in developing leadership in councils across the UK and overseas, has set up a new venture, ‘Capital People’.  Capital are helping us to use the leadership diagnostic used in Jonathan’s PhD research.

Initially we will be validating the changes in leadership from the first survey of the sector, and then we will make the diagnostic available as a free part of Alchemy. Alchemy being our online approach to disrupting the sharing of knowledge, and personal development in local public services around the world.

If you are a leader in any part of local government, whether an officer leading a team in the community or a councilor or chief executive, we would love to have your support for this initiative.

If you are interested in the leadership diagnostic, please contact annabelle.spencer@iese.org.uk


Leadership in the Pandemic Era

Published on 02/02/21

During the pandemic leadership has been tested across every sector in so many different ways.  Of course the move to working online has been a significant shift, and without this in many cases local leadership has released a creativity that has delivered genuine value at the local level.  Local businesses have delivered essential community support and banded together to keep their business going in ways that conform to the ever-changing rules.


Our Response To The Threat Of Ransomware

Published on 20/11/20

Earlier this week, Dan Peters reported that council chief executives have been warned by the Cabinet Office and National Cyber Security Council (NCSC) that there is an ‘urgent need’ to take steps to mitigate the threat of a ransomware attack on the sector. We found a solution – AppGuard.


What is your latest public sector challenge?