Are you a care provider struggling to secure your own PPE supplies?

With promised delivery systems failing to get the required volumes of PPE to care homes, and with rising inflated costs, we can see the challenge in protecting those that need it most.

We understand this is an incredibly difficult and stressful time for all healthcare workers, which is why we have now made it available for you to purchase certified quality standard PPE.

Face Masks: We’ve got you covered!

It’s been announced that face masks are mandatory to be worn in care homes at all time whether there are suspected cases of coronavirus or not. We’ve got you covered! Purchase certified quality standard face masks in small and large quantities by clicking the button below.


Purchase your PPE

Rapid is proud to be working with iESE to provide a procurement channel for care providers to source PPE for those who need it most, and also make certified quality standard of PPE available to local government for healthcare needs within their communities.

This secure portal provides two distinct types of procurement services covering both immediate, small to medium quantity purchases and future high quantity PPE aggregation. Click here to see our PPE offerings.

PPE Featured Products

See below a selection from our range of products which have been priced specifically for the public sector.

PPE product 2  PPE product 1

PPE product 3  PPE product 5

PPE product 4  PPE product 6



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Order PPE

Are you in need of PPE?

To order a shipment of PPE, please click on the link below to take you to our PPE purchasing portal.


Discounted prices to iESE partners who are looking for immediately available high-quality PPE products!!

For the latest information and guidance about wearing PPE in care homes, please click here. 

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