CareCubed: The Necessity for Care Providers

CareCubed is a dynamic and sustainable tool with more than 10 years of experience in calculating the fair cost of care for different care provider settings.

The secure online tool is currently used in more than 30 care providers across the UK,  and is available for both Adult Social Care and Children Social Care.

Built on a decade of experience with its predecessor, the CareFundingCalculator, the tool uses an evidence-based approach pulling on national benchmarked data to give a clear baseline for care costs.

What is CareCubed?

Managing care spend is a pressing issue for thousands of care providers across the UK. Our dynamic tool gives your the necessary clarity on the cost of specialist care in order to help you address this issue, as it determines a sustainable fee rate for different care settings reflecting on local costs and rates.

What are the Benefits to CareCubed for Care Providers?

CareCubed brings significant enhancements to the modelling of care costs in line with changing patterns of care provision, as well as ease of use on mobile devices, a fresher user interface and enhanced support for ‘What If’ options and analysis and collaboration within and across organisations.

The benefits of CareCubed for your organisation include:

  • Consistency: Our our tool brings a structured and consistent approach to the pricing of care placements for your internal team across many care settings helping to inform more and more people on negotiations, and reduce finance team bottlenecks
  • Streamlined Process: Gone are the days of long drawn our conversations, our tool allows you to collaborate online on individual cases, building relationships and making it much faster to agree costs
  • Credibility: Our tool pulls on credible national benchmarked data using a recognised model which can also be tailored to your organisation
  • Remote-Working Facilitation: As an online tool it allows for placements to be viewed, discussed and collaborated on remotely.

        Implementation Support

        We are now offering implementation support to ensure a smooth transition of adopting this tool in your organisation. We want to make sure that you reap the full benefits from CareCubed and are using it to its full potential with maximum impact to help you achieve your social care goals.


        Download the CareCubed Brochure

        If you’d like to read more information about the tool and how it works, you can download the brochure by clicking on the button below.

        CareCubed Case Studies

        With CareCubed being used in more than 80 organisations across the UK, we are always looking to share their success stories – and what achievements they have been!

        Click on the carousel below to have a read about how CareCubed has brought significant savings and numerous benefits to some of our CareCubed users.

        The CareCubed Charter

        Our fair care fair price charter developed in conjunction with councils and providers aims to act as a protocol for users and sets the expected behaviour and principles for both parties when using CareCubed, but also more broadly through the commissioning process. It is hoped that by actively applying the principles within the charter, commissioners and providers are more likely to build trust and mutual respect, achieve a better balance of risk and streamline the negotiation process.

        The overarching aim is to ensure positive outcomes are achieved for people who rely on care and support services, through the effective use of resources and with providers and commissioners working as partners. It’s our aspiration for the principles outlined in the charter to become industry standard around information and data management in person-centred care practice.

        We invite all local authorities and care providers to ‘sign up’ to the principles outlined in the charter. Click on the button below to view the charter and sign up.

        Care Commissioners Find Providers Using CareCubed More Attractive

        Using CareCubed shows that you are not a closed book, but a provider who wants to work with councils.

        Some councils are building CareCubed as the pricing tool into contracts and would have a preference to work with providers using CareCubed. Having the tool will enable a conversation between both parties rather than simply letting the council use CareCubed to calculate fees.


        CareCubed User Forums

        We hold monthly online user forums to help ensure our users are getting the most out of the tool. This is an opportunity to bring our users together to share the tool’s latest developments and give us the chance to hear their thoughts and opinions to make sure the tool is meeting all their needs. The forums are free to attend and take place online via Microsoft Teams.

        Contact Us

        If you’re interested in speaking to an expert about how CareCubed can help your care provider, please click on the link below and one of the CareCubed team will be in touch with your shortly.

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