Registration opens for the iESE Conference 2023

Registration is open for the upcoming iESE Conference which will focus on practical steps local authority officers and members can take to boost their cyber security at home and work.

The conference, entitled Wired for Theft: The State of Play, is taking place in Eastbourne on 22 November. The day will be packed with useful, practical and easy-to-understand cyber advice with some fun twists which are not being disclosed in advance!

Annabelle Atkin, Chief Operations Officer at iESE, said the sessions would be aimed at senior officers and members looking to increase their awareness and understanding of cyber security threats and solutions rather than IT specialists. Spaces are free but limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. “The conference will focus on practical examples of how to combat the real and immediate risks being faced by local government, both as direct targets and incidental collateral damage. We will outline practical and clear steps on what officers and members can do to better-protect themselves at work, at home and on the go,” she said.

Members of the Cyber Centre of Excellence (CCoE) Advisory Board – an enviable group of the best brains in UK cyber security defence – will be attending the conference and on hand to answer questions throughout the day. Pre-bookable fifteen-minute slots will also be available with several CCoE representatives in advance.

The sessions will cover a wide range of issues, including: an outline of the current cyber landscape and global threats, the national local authority position combatting cyber cyber-attacks, introduction to the CCoE, an easy guide to what protection is needed for your devices, endpoints, servers, and operational technology, and how to be safe at home. In the afternoon, six additional sessions will be available, with delegates able to choose three to attend. These will be safe for councillors or safe in the office, safe for the community or safe for communications and safe for partners and local businesses or safe for the supply chain

Another session will showcase recent CCoE pilot projects (see page 8), with representatives from Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, South Staffordshire Council, several parish councils, and local businesses answering questions about their experiences.

iESE Conference Sessions

  • Lay of the land: the current cyber landscape and global threats
  • The national local authority position on combatting cyber attacks
  • Cyber security and the role of procurement
  • Remote working: how to be safe at home
  • Safe working for Councillors
  • Leading well: understanding the cyber risks for your organisation
  • Defending against something no-one has seen before
  • Protecting your local community
  • Protecting your parish & town councils and small businesses
  • Cyber secure communications
  • Keeping yourself secure from your supply chains and operational technology
  • Cyber security escape room


iESE Conference Exhibitors

OSP Cyber Academy
OSP Cyber Academy is the CCoE’s cyber training partner. The company provides a large range of National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) assured courses on cyber/information security and data protection. Through the CCoE, organisations can secure preferential rates on in-person training days and access an online system where the wider employee population can access various courses which will help reduce risk, improve cyber resilience, and demonstrate compliance with legal requirements.

AppGuard is an endpoint cyber security solution which can protect against never-seen-before attacks known as ‘zero-day’. Developed in the US defence environment, it is being offered by the CCoE at preferential rates through a partnership with its European distributors. The technology is already being successfully being used by several UK local authorities and is included in the CCoE Protect Packages: Protect Packages – CCoE

Onca Technologies
Kurtis Toy is a vCISO who provides companies with cyber security and IT expertise. He is the Convenor of the CCoE and through his company, Onca Technologies, offers a vCISO service to CCoE members as part of the Protect Packages: Protect Packages – CCoE

Cyber Prism 
Cyber Prism can help any organisation to protect their Operational Technology (OT) from potential cyber-attack through a range of products and services. OT includes hardware such as such as CCTV systems, traffic light systems, lifts, security-controlled doors, fire control systems, heating, lighting, air conditioning and more and is becoming increasingly recognised as a significant potential route of cyber attack.

Cyber Security Associates
Cyber Security Associates (CSA) began as a consultancy practice and still offers this trusted advisor service helping clients with aspects of cyber security such as assessments, help gaining certifications, incident response and general cyber road maps and development. CSA also provides 24/7 managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) services to help monitor, prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats.

Blackwired is a next-generation threat intelligence company whose flagship offering Zero Day Live (ZDL) takes a fundamentally different approach to traditional detect and respond solutions. ZDL makes what is intentionally hidden in the dark web, open, indexed, and searchable through a combination of machine learning and input from specialised analysts. Preferential rates are available through the CCoE (see pages 5 and 6 for more information).

MessageMatrix takes WhatsApp and SMS messaging and wraps it in a secure platform which allows employees to message clients through these applications without comprising their own or the organisation’s security. Preferential rates are available through the CCoE (see pages 5 and 6 for more information).

To find out more and to book a place at the conference visit:

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iESE Conference 2023

The iESE Conference 2023 will focus on practical steps local authority officers and members can take to boost their cyber security at home and work.

There are limited spaces for senior officers and members. To find out more and to register your free place, click on the button below.

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