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The Innovation Mandate is a high-level workshop that provides a clear framework for change to help you with your service transformation.  We will work with you to create a clear vision of the transformation process to come, including the objectives, goals and priorities. On top of this, we ensure that all people and activities are synced to a common mission, purpose and objective.

For local authorities, engagement with elected members is an essential part of the innovation mandate.  iESE brings its long experience of working with councillors to bear in creating a mandate for change which meets the needs of officers and members alike.

How does the Innovation Mandate work?

How can the Innovation Mandate help you?

The benefits of the workshop are:

  • It helps to avoid wasting resources
  • It reduces the appetite for change
  • It ensures that all efforts are focused on the right transformations done in the right way

We work with you to create a high-level document that provides a genuine purpose for embarking on the Transformation Programme. It provides a description as to the objectives, goals and priorities, that links people and activities to a common, mission, purpose and objective. 


"The Innovation Mandate started a process where we realised that genuine transformation is something we need to focus in on to a greater degree."

Angela Leitch, Former Chief Executive, East Lothian Council

"The Innovation Mandate workshop was very effective in the way it was put together and that caught councillors' engagement, attention and understanding. At the end the councillors who attended felt the change programme was going to achieve and work."

Richard Walsh, Councillor, Surrey County Council

"iESE helped us initiate a new corporate improvement programme that will introduce new ways of working and will help us to achieve efficiency savings of £1.4 million over the next three years."

David Neudegg, Chief Executive, West Oxfordshire District Council

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