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What We Do

iESE Transformation

Created by local authorities as a shared resource for the sector, we have a successful track record of delivering transformation and service improvement programs in the UK. By doing so, we have delivered more than £1bn of savings for our clients.

iESE Digital Innovation

A category at the forefront of service transformation is a digital approach to service delivery. We have thus created a hub for digital tools and technology to help local authorities improve public service delivery.

iESE Best Practice

Our mission is to advance the improvement and or efficiency of local public services​. With the loss of government funding local public services are being reinvented. Sharing best practice has never been so important; learning from each other reduces the cost of change and increases the likelihood of success.

The Public Sector Transformation Awards

An opportunity to celebrate and share the most innovative practice in transforming local public services.  For all us in local government, developing new ways of working and transforming service delivery is our passion.

Innovation Club

 The iESE Innovation Club provides an independent arena for public bodies to network, hear and learn from sector experts, industry leaders and, most importantly, its own members.

White Paper Research

As part of the iESE mission, we are constantly working towards sharing best practice, and one way we do this is through the collaboration and creation of white papers.

Transform Magazine

We created Transform as a source of information to share helpful advice and showcase public service transformations in alignment with our goal of sharing best practice across the public sector. 

Certificate of Excellence

The Certificate of Excellence recognises and champions examples of innovation and best practice in the public sector. You can apply for one at any time as they are open all year round.

Innovation is in our DNA

Created by local authorities as a shared resource to transform public services and retain experience within the sector, iESE has supported a wide range of transformations throughout the UK


Our Latest News

make councils secure blog image

Make Councils Cyber Secure

Several councils on our proof-of-concept trial for the cyber security solution AppGuard have gone on to procure it at a preferential rate.

supreme court ruling blog image

Sleep In Pay Ruling

Whilst the ruling has brought much needed clarity of sleep-in pay, the impact of this ruling raises has many questions as it answers.

coaching blog

Coaching for Digital Age

The current approach to coaching often comes at a price that is quite high for the average salary in the sector, so we need something new.

leadership blog image

Leadership in the Pandemic

Councils have been developing local leadership that isn’t just to create money to survive, but to create value for communities to thrive.

scottish transformation blog image

Scottish Council Transformation

iESE helps Scottish council push forward radical changes using the Innovation Mandate diagnostic which helps define the change agenda

new year wishes blog image

2021 New Year Wishes

It has been amazing to see the number of volunteers stepping up to help, despite some of the unnecessary hurdles put before the volunteers.

introducing carecubed blog image

Market Leading Care Tool

Market Leading Tool CareCubed offers a transparent solution to help councils and providers come to an agreement on the cost of placements.

vaccinations website blog image

Terminating Covid Transmission

The rapidly rising numbers of Covid cases herald a more difficult time ahead. But there is hope in the waves of Covid research around the world.

climate change blog image

Covid Depreciated Climate Change

Climate change and our environmental impact has largely taken a back seat during the pandemic, yet the signs are there for all to see.

phone app blog image

Covid-19 Apps for Authorities

Netcall launches Covid-19 package designed to allow local authorities to jumpstart their Covid-19 responses using apps built on low-code technology.

safeguarding children blog image

Safeguarding Children App

MindOfMyOwn helps safeguard vulnerable children during lockdown with app to help get their voices heard and participate in decisions made about their lives.

carecubed coronavirus blog image

CareCubed Combats Coronavirus

CareCubed, which helps commissioners and providers calculate the fair cost of care placements, shown to be a valuable tool during the coronavirus crisis.

ransomware blog image

Ransomware Attacks on Councils

Recent information illustrates that there are increasing threats targeted specifically at local government to access “sensitive data”.

ppe blog image

iESE Procures PPE

Best approaches to covid-19 response suggest that universal adaptation rather than returning to the ‘old normal’ is the way ahead.

covid-19 2 blog image

C19: Recovery or Adaptation?

Best approaches to covid-19 response suggest that universal adaptation rather than returning to the ‘old normal’ is the way ahead.

covid-19 blog image

Local Gov Covid Response

Local government have turned to digital tools to help manage COVID-19 and meet the demand for information and answers from residents and businesses.

cyber defence header image

New Deadly Virus Threat

With whole council workforces working from home, experts warn of total takeover from a deadly virus threat with dramatically devastating consequences.

evolution councillors blog image

Evolution of UK Councillors

With the evolution of councils from service provider to being customer-centric and community-enabling the role of councillors must change.

officers councillors blog image

Officer + Councillor Relationships

Positive collaboration and working relationships between officers and councillors is essential for effective and efficient public services.

measuring councillor performance blog image

Measuring Cllr Performance

Lack of definition and information of the councillor role and responsibilities reduces ability and reliability in measuring performance.

Our Values

Program Planning

Evidence-Based Approach

We provide a range of tools, services and partnerships to help local authorities and other public sector bodies do more with less using an evidence-based approach.

Behaviour change - public sectorBuilding Capacity

We work alongside our clients as both a delivery partner and mentor, developing skills to deliver effective change in the future.

Care cubed icon

 Sharing Best Practice

Sharing best practice is at the heart of everything we do. Learning from each other reduces the cost of change and increases the likelihood of success.

Innovation Mandate

Tailor-Made Solutions

We transform all aspects of public service, from leadership and corporate management to back-office and frontline services, using innovative and tailor-made solutions.

Public sector organisation restructure

Customer Community Focus

Our underlying ethos and approach is one of systems thinking, which means that everything we do is from a customer centric and community enabling perspective.


“iESE’s belief that every council is different and that there’s no one size fits all meant that they really sought to understand how we work as a council”

Lyn Black

Transformation Programme Manager, Winchester City Council

What is your latest public sector challenge?

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