Coaching and Mentoring

iESE Coaching and Mentoring provides a supportive space for members, executive civil servants, and senior managers to explore their management style. Particularly in relation to the delivery of strategic objectives.

The coaching programmes are an opportunity to not only challenge your leadership style but assess the effectiveness and sustainability of your strategic objectives.  And also, how your strategy aligns to your organisational goals.

Our coaching and mentoring aligns to the three levels of the iESE Transformation Model – find out more about our transformation model here.

Our Coaching and Mentoring Solutions

Level 1 – Traditional Coaching

Created to help managers define tasks and processes such as the delivery of a new process or service. Within the iESE Transformation Model, this is level 1, where councils are tweaking and revamping services to make them more efficient and achieve cost savings.

Level 2 – Transitional Coaching

Designed to support middle-management teams in order to explore better ways of organising the way they work and behave. It is ideal if you have a scaled improvement program ongoing within your council and thus need a complete change in work culture. This level of coaching aligns to Level 2 in the iESE Transformation Model.

Level 3 – Transformational Executive Coaching

This method works with very senior level executives to facilitate building on existing work practices in order to achieve a greater vision and purpose for the council going forwards. Creative thinking and the development of key strategic goals are considered here. Working at the cutting edge, this is level 3 in the iESE Transformation Model.

How can Coaching and Mentoring help you?

Coaching and mentoring will allow you to gain some personal insight and reflection which will give you more clarity to your leadership style and abilities.

The benefits of this process are:

  • It builds confidence
  • It allows you to develop personal insight and learning
  • It supports you through transformation and growth
  • It improves both individual and organisational performance and productivity

Coaching programs are designed with specific objectives in mind, and these are agreed prior to commencement of the engagement.  

Our coaches are professionally qualified.

Coaching and Mentoring Testimonials

“iESE’s belief that every council is different and that there’s no “one size fits all” meant that they really sought to understand how we work as a council. This meant that the tools they use have been adapted to suit our purpose and our Transformation Team have the knowledge and skills to deliver the Customer Smart programme.”

Lyn Black, Transformation Project Manager, Winchester Council

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