Financial Resilience

With the scale of recent funding restrictions there is undoubtedly a need to build financial resilience. Through budgetary pressures and a need to support the economic recovery, councils face tough challenges in how they spend tax-payers’ money. With this in mind, there is no room for financial error in achieving your savings and income targets.

Every £ saved now means the protection of frontline services. Along with changing demographics which lead to increased service demand, financial decisions are coming under even closer scrutiny.

Improving Your Financial Resilience


As part of the local government family, we fully understand the financial resilience challenges that councils face during the current financial climate.

We are continuously finding new ways of delivering improved services at lower cost. By doing so, we can help you to develop a more strategic, joined-up approach to finding the efficiency savings your council needs. Not only do we take account the local economies, but we also stimulate innovation.

On top of this, our methods look at the road ahead not just the rear-view mirror. This thus will enable you to see if your plans have a solid foundation.

Case Studies on Financial Resilience

IESE’s solutions to overcome your financial reslience challenges

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Latest News on Financial Resilience

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