Cyber Centre of Excellence

For Local Public Services

On behalf of the public sector, iESE has pulled together technology and skills from organisations representing best practice in the cyber security industry to deliver a range of products and services. A shared service in the best traditions of local public services ensures that we all have the best people, the best technology, and the best protection. Working together we have created the Cyber Centre of Excellence (CCoE) to stop these attacks before they happen, rather than just report the bad news when it is too late.

What is the Cyber Centre of Excellence?

Our mission is to ensure that the UK is the safest place to live, work and play in the digital world.

The Cyber Centre of Excellence (CCOE) is an initiative aimed at all local authorities and UK public bodies to help them stay abreast of cyber threats and give them access to military-grade protection at high street prices. It will be able to assist with the full remit of what an organisation needs to do and know to stay as cyber secure as possible. Sitting behind the CCOE is an Advisory Forum of some of the UK’s leading experts in cyber security. This group will keep the CCOE up to date with threats and abreast of new innovations.

Who sits behind the CCoE?

Advisory Board Members include:

  • Kurtis Toy, vCISO and Convener of the Cyber Centre of Excellence
  • Dr Andrew Larner, Chief Executive of iESE
  • Major General Martin Smith, Managing Director of CyberPrism
  • Irene Coyle, Chief Operating Officer at OSP Cyber Academ
  • Sandip Patel, Barrister, King’s Counsel
  • Dougie Grant, Managing Director Europe & Global Head Incident Management at Nihon Cyber Defence
  • David Woodfine, Managing Director of Cyber Security Associate
  • Colin Jupe, Director of Assurity Systems Ltd

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1) Military Grade Protection 24/7

Our goal is to create an entirely new level of protection in the UK and help the public sector become resilient against cyber threats. Our team have unparalleled experience, having run the UK’s military cyber offence and defence capability, built the defences of the Bank of England, and hold clearance to work on out national cyber defence infrastructure.

2) The Latest in Cyber Resilience

We want to make cyber security business as usual in public sector organisations. In a market that is constantly changing, we are at the utmost forefront of cyber-defence offering up-to-date advice, training, and solutions.

3) Impartial Advice You Can Trust

We offer impartial and trustworthy advice as a not-for-profit organisation that was created by the sector for the sector. iESE’s unique position as a member-owned, not for profit organisation means we are already a trusted, independent advisor to local authorities, helping them to understand what good looks like in an ever-changing and dangerous cyber world.

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Leaving cyber security to the IT department and believing an organisation is secure because it has the most up-to-date protection is no longer viable. Recent research has found three-quarters of cyber breaches involve a human element, demonstrating that education awareness programmes are an important part of protection.

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