Customer focus assessment 
Customer Focus Assessment

Our Customer Focus Assessment helps you to understand if you are doing what really matter for your customers. We have worked with a range of organisations to review how the actual customer experience compares to what senior management teams believe takes place on the ground.

Using our Customer Focus Wheel tool, we can provide a framework that will enable you to understand and manage customer demand more effectively. This will thus improve the efficiency of your local public services.

    Our Customer Focus Assessment is based on four dimensions, that help to answer the following questions:

    Customer Vision
    Can your organisation demonstrate that your vision and mission truly relates to the way you work and operate, and that everything is customer focused?

    Customer Insight Metrics
    Can your organisation demonstrate it knows who your customers are, what matters to them and subsequently has the right measures to help improve?

    Customer Centric Processes
    Can your organisation demonstrate that you only do what matters to customers and can identify and eliminate non-value work?

    Customer Service Personality
    Can your organisation demonstrate it has the right culture and behaviours to be a high performing organisation?

    How can the Customer Focus Assessment help you?

    Our diagnostic review is based on evidence obtained through observing direct customer demand, interviews with staff and a review of the organisation’s strategy and policies. It has the following benefits:

    • It gives advice to help address the root causes of failure demand coming into the organisation to create spare capacity to add more value for customers
    • It provides recommendations from the report provide suggestions for how high volume, low complexity demand can be handled more effectively, reducing wasteful activity and cost to the organisation
    • Observations are provided on organisational values and behaviours and how this affects the customer experience, using real examples
    • The report highlights good practice in the organisation



    "The iESE approach has been a good fit for our council, working in partnership and sharing a range of transformational change techniques with us.”

    Dr Justin Ives, Chief Executive, Hambleton District Council

    "iESE’s expertise and methodology has equipped us with a range of tools that we can use to continually improve our customer experience. Whilst working with us these tools have been adapted to meet the needs of the organisation and are being used by our Transformation Team to deliver the CustomerSmart programme."

    Ellen Simpson, Corporate Head of Strategic Support, Winchester City Council

    "The customer-centric model coupled with potential savings highlighted by iESE - around £1.4m - was too interesting to ignore. iESE took us to see another Local Authority they had worked with. We were very impressed and have found the knowledge- sharing beneficial."

    Jeff Stack, Chief Executive, Broxbourne Borough Council

    "iESE were easy to work with - they are experienced consultants who understand customer demand analysis in great detail. We knew we could be better at customer service but didn't know where the problems were. iESE showed us the areas we needed to focus on."

    Richard Sealy, Assistant Director of Corporate Services, Taunton Deane and West Somerset


    "iESE has really listened and taken onboard the comments of the Chief Executive and our Leader and what they want to achieve."

    Amy Wilton, Corporate Customer Services & Delivery Manager, Sevenoaks District Council

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