With critical spending pressures facing councils, strategy and strategic leadership are key players in achieving efficient service delivery and value for money for the council taxpayer.

It can however be difficult to determine whether your current strategy is strong enough to deliver the improvements and efficiencies that it needs to be sustainable in the long term.

A financial analysis will ensure that your proposal is economically viable before looking at key aspects of implementation and post-implementation evaluation. From there you can identify the benefits and strategies for realising these.

Improve Your Strategy – Strategic Leadership

Combined with the need for new behaviours across the workforce comes a new leadership requirement when it comes to strategy. In steady times, leaders were there to keep the ship on course – a much more task-based role.

We have worked with many leaders and their senior management teams to develop a new approach to how they run the organisation. An approach that we believe is crucial in order to achieve true community-enablement and allow your council to truly excel. This is the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness for council performance according to our transformation model.

We can work with you to not only develop your key strategic goals but enhance your creative thinking. It is at a strategic level that executive teams can make a difference if they are performing at the correct level and pace.

Our experience and knowledge of what is going on right across the sector is invaluable to our clients to help them truly do things differently.

Case Studies on Strategy

IESE’s solutions to overcome your strategic challenges

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