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With reduction in funding and increases in demand for social care services, delivering outcomes for vulnerable residents and preventing future demand is more challenging than ever before. The rising number of people needing social care and thus the rising costs of it means that there is continuous pressure on council budgets. Because of this, we can see a greater need for improving the way we manage the cost of delivering care.

Through our research, we have been looking at the future for local public services and searching for innovative technologies that can have a real impact on these social care services.

Improving Your Social Care


With commissioners struggling to fund care due to financial pressure, we can also see care providers consequently feeling the ever-increasing burden of care costs.

 Whilst quality information services are expected parts of our lives, we often put up with far less.  This is particularly the case for social care. 

Without access to quality data, calculating the fair price for a complex care package is impossible. The use of accurate real time national information in the palm of your hand holds huge possibilities and reaps many benefits. Not only will it save you money and ease the process for the care worker, but the quality of information can improve the quality of life of the customer.

Case Studies on Social Care

IESE’s solutions to overcome your social care challenges

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Latest News on Social Care

Safeguarding Children App

MindOfMyOwn helps safeguard vulnerable children during lockdown with app to help get their voices heard and participate in decisions made about their lives.

CareCubed Combats Coronavirus

CareCubed, which helps commissioners and providers calculate the fair cost of care placements, shown to be a valuable tool during the coronavirus crisis.

Over 40s Social Care Tax

Social care premium: a new tax announced for over 40s, retirees and employers to fund the spiralling costs of social care…

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