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Calculating the Fair Cost of Care

We have been approached by many of our Local Authority customers asking whether we can offer a solution for the cost of care exercise detailed shortly before Christmas in the government’s policy paper – Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund.

The answer is YES! This means you are able to avoid the need for expensive consultancy projects as a short term solution and can have a medium to long term solution in place at a much lower cost.

CareCubed is a dynamic and sustainable tool built on 10+ years of experience in calculating the fair cost of care for different care provider settings.

Improving Your Social Care Services

With reduction in funding and increases in demand for social care services, delivering outcomes for vulnerable residents and preventing future demand is more challenging than ever before. The rising number of people needing social care and thus the rising costs of it means that there is continuous pressure on council budgets. Coupled with this is the new need to establish a sustainable care market for care providers.

We can see a greater need for improving the way we manage and calculate the fair cost of delivering care.

Through more than 10 years of research and experience, we have been looking at the future for local public services and have created a dynamic and sustainable solution that can have a real impact on these social care services.

Our Solution – CareCubed

CareCubed is a dynamic and sustainable tool built on 10+ years’ experience and has been used on more than 50,000 cost of care assessments. This means we are ideally placed to provide a solution to local authorities across all cohorts, such as older persons, learning disabilities and mental health.

This makes CareCubed an ideal solution for the cost of care exercise detailed in the government’s policy paper “Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund”.

CareCubed also offers the medium/long term solution that can provide modelling/analytical capabilities that will be required in future phases (after the initial data collection work between now and September 2022).

CareCubed is already built to deliver this work and we will also engage with both our commissioning and provider customers to offer a simple, digital solution that allows deadlines to be comfortably met, is really simple for providers to use, and will also deliver the functionality required in future phases. It is important to consider the additional work needed over the next few years and put in place a solution that will evolve to support you – rather than a one-off consultancy report.

Case Studies on Social Care

IESE’s solutions to overcome your social care challenges

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