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Transform Magazine is for all Public Servants Seeking to Transform Local Public Service

We created Transform as a source of information to share helpful advice and showcase public service transformations in alignment with our goal of sharing best practice across the public sector. The magazine covers a wide variety of topics about local public service improvement across the UK.

Mobile Stories – May 2021

Only interested in one topic in particular? We’ve broke down the magazine into mobile stories allowing you to easily access the content you want to read at the touch of a button. Have a read of our mobile stories by clicking on the links below.

Cyber chameleon: a changing threat
Headlines emerge daily of another successful and damaging cyber attack. The threat landscape has dramatically changed in recent years and it’s clear from the scale and severity of attacks that it’s time to rethink cyber defence to protect local government services and systems and the valuable data they hold. Click here to read more.

Patient zero protection: introducing AppGuard
AppGuard is a newly available endpoint cyber security solution which will protect your systems from all threats – even the never-seen-before attack known as ‘zero-day’. Developed in the US defence environment, it has recently become commercially available in the UK and is being offered to local authorities by iESE through a partnership with its European distributors, Assurity Systems Ltd. Click here to read more.

Case study: why one forward-thinking council is using AppGuard
One council based in the Midlands, already using AppGuard, is currently embarking on the second phase of an ambitious digital transformation programme. Click here to read more.

Limit cyber risk of homeworking
The Covid roadmap aims to end all social restrictions by June 21 but with homeworking looking likely to stay, local authorities should carefully consider how to manage cyber security, especially if employees mix both home and office days with devices that switch between networks. Click here to read more.

Taking control of virtual highstreets
Local authorities are increasingly looking towards supporting the ‘virtual high street’ as well as the physical one to help boost local economies but creating an experience free from cybercrime should be a vital consideration. Click here to read more.

Security beyond the perimeter
Whilst most local authorities will be fully aware of the cyber security risks on their premises there are many risks beyond the perimeter, including those posed by the Internet of Things and the supply chain. Click here to read more.

Welcome Letter – May 2021

Through our work with councils, we have seen a range of cyber protection models in place. Some authorities are undoubtedly very vulnerable, especially in an age of targeted sophisticated attacks.

Gone are the days where a hacker was a lone teenager in a dark room, hacking is a multi-million-pound business, and the goal has moved from overtly locking users out of their own networks to getting inside unseen to steal confidential data before demanding a ransom.

It is tempting to think those recently badly hit, such as Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council and Hackney Council, must have had weak
defences but we know this isn’t true. These were authorities doing all the right things, yet they were taken down catastrophically with clean up bills estimated to be £10m upwards.

With the Internet of Things undergoing an exponential explosion due to the advent of 5G, it is clear the IT boundaries a local authority used to need to protect are gone. Everyday items are now digital and the links into your network are many, including service delivery partners, suppliers, customers through digital apps, employees’ own devices and more.

A generational leap in protection is required for this generational leap in technology. That is why we have partnered with AppGuard, a technology new to the UK designed in the US defence environment. We are excited to offer it at a preferential rate and have set out this issue of Transform to introduce you to the technology and to explore the changing nature of cyber security risks.

Dr Andrew Larner and the iESE Team

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