Digital Transformation

Looking around at digital transformation emerging within our community, it is already possible to imagine a very different economic, social and environmental future.

As we adapt our roles to changing communities and enable our local areas to achieve a vibrant future, it’s evident that the tools, the skills and the very nature of our councils are going to change. Not just how we deliver public services, but the actual services we are delivering. This means that the digital tools need to be flexible and affordable.

Improving Digital Transformation

We offer a centre for digital transformation, offering a range of digital tools and solutions that support the improvement of the sector.

Whilst there is fertile ground for digital transformation and innovation, scaling up our successes is always the challenge. This is where sharing leading-edge innovation makes so much sense.  In order to maximise local government’s leverage and combined buying power, it’s important to share the lessons, methods, skills and the tools that we have used in digital transformation.

Over the last year iESE has been researching the implications of these digital changes for our communities and for local public services and consulting with chief executives and members with the support of Solace. As a result of this we create a White Paper that explores the nature of the changes to come and the potential models that will allow local government to be a meaningful part of those changes.

Read our White Paper on Digital Transformation here.

White Paper on Digital Transformation

IESE’s solutions to overcome your digital transformation challenges

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Latest News on Digital Transformation

Cost of Care Tool Announcement

IESE has been selected to deliver a free national cost of care tool which delivers against DHSC requirements for the cost of care exercise.

Keep Cyber on the Agenda

The damage seen in recent successful cyber attacks highlights how this issue needs to remain high on the agenda.

Digital Services Human Touch

One might think that following best practice is a secure defence, but NCSC guidance is there to only limit the damage from a breach, not prevent attack.

Cyber Best Practice Not Enough

One might think that following best practice is a secure defence, but NCSC guidance is there to only limit the damage from a breach, not prevent attack.

Diving into the Future

We see an increasing priority for local/hyper local regeneration, inclusive growth, sustainability, and renewal to build vibrant communities.

Future of Care Systems

A new human-centred approach is needed to unleash the potential for better workflows in our new cloud-based world to meet the needs of today.

Reflections for iESE

The last year for iESE, as for rest of the sector, has been an unusual one. That being said, here’s how you can join us for the year ahead.

Make Councils Cyber Secure

Several councils on our proof-of-concept trial for the cyber security solution AppGuard have gone on to procure it at a preferential rate.

Sleep In Pay Ruling

Whilst the ruling has brought much needed clarity of sleep-in pay, the impact of this ruling raises has many questions as it answers.

Coaching for Digital Age

The current approach to coaching often comes at a price that is quite high for the average salary in the sector, so we need something new.

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