Digital Transformation

Looking around at digital transformation emerging within our community, it is already possible to imagine a very different economic, social and environmental future.

As we adapt our roles to changing communities and enable our local areas to achieve a vibrant future, it’s evident that the tools, the skills and the very nature of our councils are going to change. Not just how we deliver public services, but the actual services we are delivering. This means that the digital tools need to be flexible and affordable.

Improving Digital Transformation

We offer a centre for digital transformation, offering a range of digital tools and solutions that support the improvement of the sector.

Whilst there is fertile ground for digital transformation and innovation, scaling up our successes is always the challenge. This is where sharing leading-edge innovation makes so much sense.  In order to maximise local government’s leverage and combined buying power, it’s important to share the lessons, methods, skills and the tools that we have used in digital transformation.

Over the last year iESE has been researching the implications of these digital changes for our communities and for local public services and consulting with chief executives and members with the support of Solace. As a result of this we create a White Paper that explores the nature of the changes to come and the potential models that will allow local government to be a meaningful part of those changes.

Read our White Paper on Digital Transformation here.

White Paper on Digital Transformation

IESE’s solutions to overcome your digital transformation challenges

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Latest News on Digital Transformation

Covid-19 Apps for Authorities

Netcall launches Covid-19 package designed to allow local authorities to jumpstart their Covid-19 responses using apps built on low-code technology.

iESE Procures PPE

Best approaches to covid-19 response suggest that universal adaptation rather than returning to the ‘old normal’ is the way ahead.

COVID-19: Recovery or Adaptation?

Best approaches to covid-19 response suggest that universal adaptation rather than returning to the ‘old normal’ is the way ahead.

Local Government COVID-19 Response

Local government have turned to digital tools to help manage COVID-19 and meet the demand for information and answers from residents and businesses.

Council Deadly Virus Threat

With whole council workforces working from home, experts warn of total takeover from a deadly virus threat with dramatically devastating consequences.

Officers and Councillors Relationships

Positive collaboration and working relationships between officers and councillors is essential for effective and efficient public services.

Measuring Councillor Performance

Lack of definition and information of the councillor role and responsibilities reduces ability and reliability in measuring performance.

Residents and Councillors

Research shows that there is a clear lack of recognition between locally elected councillors and their residents, but why is this?

Role of a Councillor

What exactly does an elected member do? Why should you become one for your local area? Here we look at the role of a councillor and what they do.

What are Elected Members

With local government responsible for a range of vital services, and around 20,000 locally elected members in the UK, we look into who and what they are.

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