Demand Management

Those of us transforming local public services have a common aspiration; a need to understand what drives demand for public services. We want to give the best to our local residents by not only creating the ingredients for thriving communities, but also reducing demand and costs for public services.

 Therefore, in order to drive whole organisation efficiency and achieve significant savings, it’s evident that you should be assessing your customer focus and understanding customer demand.

Taking Demand A Step Further – A Community-Enabled Approach

We know that a design-thinking approach is a great way to produce the optimal customer experience. But recent debate has questioned the ability to challenge how we work and what we do without a true understanding of the drivers for service demand.

Supporting thriving communities that meet their own needs is better than optimising demand and creating a better customer experience. We seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions and redefine problems in an effort to identify alternative strategies and solutions that may not have been immediately apparent.

This community-centric approach and the critical success factors have always come out strongly in our research. As a result, they are the foundation for our transformation model, particularly when it comes to demand management.

Case Studies on Demand Management

IESE’s solutions to overcome your demand management challenges

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Latest News on Demand Management

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Whilst the ruling has brought much needed clarity of sleep-in pay, the impact of this ruling raises has many questions as it answers.

Coaching for Digital Age

The current approach to coaching often comes at a price that is quite high for the average salary in the sector, so we need something new.

Leadership in the Pandemic

Councils have been developing local leadership that isn’t just to create money to survive, but to create value for communities to thrive.

Covid-19 Apps for Authorities

Netcall launches Covid-19 package designed to allow local authorities to jumpstart their Covid-19 responses using apps built on low-code technology.

Public Services Data Share

A need to understand and share data about what drives demand for public services arising amongst local government to ensure better outcomes for residents…

Building a Thriving Community

Supporting a thriving community that meets their own needs is better than optimising demand and creating a better customer experience.

Transformation In Public Services

Passion for transformation in local public services is evident in the way that the sector continuously looks for innovative ways of working…

Public Sector Graduate Scheme

Not for profit social enterprise strived to improve public services giving back to the public sector with Kent graduate scheme…

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