Capacity and Change

The lack of capacity in an organisation to make change is usually identifed as the main cause of the failure to deliver results. It is essential that organisations have a workforce that is sufficient, skilled and supported to deliver high quality services. In order to achieve this, new ways of working across an organisation should be introduced to allow capacity to be released.

Moreover, we need to consider whether the workforce has the right behaviours to ensure success of new ways of working and with that culture change. Technical skills can be learnt – behaviours and culture cannot.

Improving Capacity and Change

Combining a number of key elements of successful workforce planning, we work with authorities to understand the current position of the workforce. This allows us to see how best the organisation can meet its aspiration for the future.

We work with authorities to build behaviour-based frameworks for improving capacity and ensuring successful culture change. For example, by understanding customer demand, we can eliminate waste activity which identifies capacity.

During a transformation we can also help to assess and/or develop staff to ensure they have a workforce fit for the future. As well as commercial behaviours, there are a whole set of other different behaviours needed in this new local government landscape. Such as creativity, innovation, challenge, and the appetite for risk.

Case Studies on Capacity and Change

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