<p>Alison Templeton Executive Director at iESE will join a panel of experts to discuss the future for councils.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The first-ever improvement and efficiency not-for-profit company is now up and&nbsp; running and open for business to all England's councils – and it has been welcomed by the&nbsp; local government minister Bob Neill.</p>
<p>iESE has received a very positive response from potential suppliers across the waste, street cleansing and grounds maintenance industry for the first ever waste services framework.</p>
The economic issue for the UK, and in fact countries across the world, is that of economic growth and how to stimulate it. Seen as a key priority to help lower outgoings (e.g. benefits and other social costs), and increase government income (e.g. Tax), it is also important in building a stronger and healthier society with more jobs (and e.g. social health).
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