Ministers should consider the use of automatic pay calculators to ensure care workers are paid decent living wages to help boost the prestige and professionalism within the sector, experts have advised.
The not-for-profit body set up by local authorities to support them with transformation and savings challenges is now more than 12 years old – with it’s member councils having saved more than £1 Billion over the past decade.
Enforcement and business services across Surrey and Buckinghamshire will operate as a single entity from April, after the iESE-led merger of the councils’ trading standards services was approved.
Legislation against council staff won’t improve social care provision – innovation will.
A little over a month from now, the edge-of-your-seat excitement (we’re all on the edge of our seats, yes?) will be over and a new (or not so new) government will be beginning its search for more answers to public spending reform. But in many ways, they shouldn’t need to. When looked at nationally, significant reform is happening. We just – to repeat the age-old complaint about local government – aren’t that good at telling the story.