Public Sector Transformation Awards 2025

An opportunity to celebrate and share the most innovative practice in transforming local public services

Nominations open on Monday 2nd September 2024

The deadline will be Friday 17th January 2025. The awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday 5th March 2025.

iESE Awards 2025

Every year we receive hundreds of nominations for the Public Sector Transformation Awards from local authorities across the UK. Awards are available for the following categories in Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Award Categories 2025

Best Transformation Team

This award captures the exceptional focus and effort from a team who has made a significant contribution and long-term positive impact within their organisation, on their residents and communities. They have improved outcomes for their organisation, customers, and wider community through innovative transformation and continuous improvement. This team has delivered the best possible services to their residents and service users by embedding strong values, culture and behaviours. #dreamteam #reallifetransformers

Community & Customer Focus

This award is for the initiative that does most to reinvigorate the local community and deliver outstanding service to their customers. Through the use of asset management and regeneration, they have created opportunities for their local area by delivering proven benefits, greater resilience and less dependency on local public services. And they can clearly demonstrate the link between excellent customer service and improved service performance. #communityenablement #customerserviceslayers

Best Use of Digital, Technology & Data Insight

This category is for the innovative use of digital tools, technology, and data that have led to improved outcomes for their organisation, customers, and wider community. This could be from remodelling existing services, to creating totally new and dynamic services that have transformed the roll of the local public services and the way it supports its residents and communities. Within their submission, they have evidenced and highlighted their creative approach of managing and manipulating data to deliver outstanding results. #digitalgurus #divinedata

Efficiency & Effectiveness

This body has harnessed the real potential in their organisation, delivering elevated performance, creating efficiencies, and delivering outstanding customer service with improved value to their residents. Above all, this organisation has shown its ability to adapt to a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, while achieving fantastic results in doing so. #publicserviceadaptation #customerfocus

Green Public Service

This category recognises, rewards and promotes environmental best practice across the public sector in the UK. This organisation has shown how they have helped the environment by driving sustainability not only in their organisation, but in their surrounding local area, and have improved the quality of life and well-being of their local residents. #achievinggreen #servingupsustainability


This category is for developing and bringing to market new innovative technologies, facilities or services that can transform the delivery of a local public service. They are able to show the success of innovative ways of working, and the improvement it’s made to their customers and community. This category is not only open to the public sector but also to private or third sector organisations. #forwardthinking #innovationstation

Transformation in Health & Social Care

This organisation has highlighted the greatest impact for customers of health and social care, through the successful launch of creative and forward-thinking services for children, young people or adults. Submissions can be based upon transforming access to services, remodelling the service itself, or integrating different services and partners. #socialcaresaviours #healthattheheart

Working Together

This category is for simplifying the way that residents and local businesses deal with public services, bringing together multiple contact points, removing the barriers between organisations and moving resources closer to the customer. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #localbusiness

UK Fire & Rescue Service of the Year

UK Police Service of the Year

UK Council of the Year

International Public Body of the Year

Chairman’s Award

Nominations 2025

Nominations will open on Monday 2nd September 2025. The form will be available on this page on our website to download.

iESE Awards 2024

Last year we received 217 nominations from 70 public sector organisations across the UK and overseas. Click on the button below to see last year’s award winners. Or read about their submissions in our special awards winners edition of Transform Magazine.

iESE Awards FAQs

When is the deadline to submit?

The deadline to send your nomination will be 5pm on Friday 17th January 2025. Please send your completed nomination to

Who can apply for the iESE Awards 2025?

The iESE Awards are open to any public sector organisation across the UK and internationally. This includes: local authorities, fire services, police services, NHS trusts, and other organisations working within the public sector.

What is the nomination process for the iESE Awards?

To apply for the iESE Awards, you will need to download and complete our nomination form which will ask you to cover the following sections in a maximum of 5000 words:

  • An overview of your nomination
  • How has your initiative showed innovation?
  • How has your initiative has had an impact?
  • How has your initiative improved the skills and capabilities?
  • What was the quality of delivery of the initiative?
  • How has the initiative made a contribution to the sector?

Each submission is scored and judges against other submissions within each category. The scoring key as follows:

  • 0: No reference to the criteria at all
  • 1 – 3: Mention of criteria somewhere in the nomination
  • 4 – 6: Described at some length, with the relevant information
  • 7 – 10: Evidence has been given that it has been done

Once completed, you should have sent your nomination form to our enquiries inbox by Friday 17th January 2025. We also encouraged you to submit any additional documents or videos that will help support your nomination.

Can I be nominated for more than one category?

Yes. If you are unsure which category you believe your nomination fits, then of course you can submit it for several categories. Alternatively, if our judging panel believe that your nomination is better suited elsewhere they will move it to where they think it fits best.

I can’t see a category that fits my nomination very well – what happens there?

We have seen the judging panel create brand new categories if they identify an emerging trend amongst the nominations – so it’s not unusual for you to be a finalist for completely brand spanking new category!

When will I hear back from the judging?

We aim to let all successful finalists know 4 weeks before the awards ceremony on Wednesday 5th March 2025, so this year you can expect to hear from us on the week 6th February 2025. If you have any questions, please contact our enquiries inbox.

What happens if I’m not successful?

For nominations that don’t quite make the cut to be an award’s finalist, but are still deemed excellent from our judging panel, we will present you with a Certificate of Excellence to mark your outstanding efforts in improving and transforming local public services.

If you have been awarded with an iESE Certificate of Excellence 2025, these will be emailed to you after our awards event. We will be in touch to ask if you would be willing to participate in an online showcase of your work.

Watch our Q&A with last year’s award judges

Last year we held an online session with two of our award judges, Dr Andrew Larner and John Comber, watch the video below to learn more about our award judging.

Contact Us

Download the nomination form by clicking on the button below. If you have a question about the iESE Awards, please click on the button below or email us directly at .

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