The Case Management System Reborn

Existing case management systems (CMS) were designed for a world with paper-based files in cabinets, with the records themselves being of little value to care users and a mountain of paperwork hampering social workers. Too often we see a tiny pool of suppliers ensuring high licence & maintenance costs, slow response times to customers, lack of integration with new technology and grudging innovation, if any.

A User-Centred CMS Fit for the Future

Our CMS system is designed within a modern infrastructure to support next generation cloud technologies. We’ve made innovation a regular business practice through a plug & play approach designed to integrate with best-in-class innovative tech and easily interface with legacy systems.

Our system’s human-centred design offers a rich and meaningful single view of the individual, with modern analytics across all data sources, making information more valuable to the care user and their advocates. It touches every level of social care within local government, from frontline social work staff, to Heads of Service who need to be able to tell the story of how their services provide value for investment in a way that both Ofsted and the British public can appreciate.

The family-focused system measures outcomes beyond financial efficiencies by supporting a strengths-based approach to commissioning and social prescribing. It’s integration ability supports community enablement and demand management, opening up networks of support to the care user.

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