MP Rishi Sunak - Transformation Awards 2019

An introduction to the Public Sector Transformation Awards 2019 by MP Rishi Sunak...... Read more

Posted by annabellespencer | 13 March 2019

New Care Cost Clarity Tool Unveiled

iESE is excited to announce the launch of CareCubed, a secure online tool which gives clarity on the cost of specialist care and helps manage care spend – a pressing issue for... Read more

Posted by annabellespencer | 27 February 2019

Category: CareCubed

Can care benefit from real time information services?

Whilst quality information services are expected parts of our lives, we often put up with far less. When commissioners struggle to fund care and care providers themselves are... Read more

Posted by annabellespencer | 11 February 2019

Big data presents a big opportunity for local authorities

Data, data, data – it’s what everyone is talking about. But how is the data revolution affecting local authorities and its local public service offerings?... Read more

Posted by annabellespencer | 30 January 2019

Council of the Year Throwbacks - SHWD 2016

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Public Sector Transformation Awards, we are taking a trip down memory lane to look at the past Council of the Year Winners. SHWD winners... Read more

Posted by annabellespencer | 28 January 2019