Supporting Service Mergers Across Two Devon Councils

As part of a major merger of services in Devon, two district councils are breaking new ground – by recruiting their staff based on the behaviours that meet their vision ... Read more

Posted by leanne | 15 December 2014

Category: Consultancy, merger, Organisational Design, PR, shared services

Delivering statutory services in a sustainable way

Take a look at the presentation from the event... Read more

Posted by leanne | 09 December 2014

Councils save more than £1Bn during the first 12 years of iESE transformation

The not-for-profit body set up by local authorities to support them with transformation and savings challenges is now more than 12 years old – with it’s member councils having... Read more

Posted by leanne | 25 November 2014

Category: Consultancy, Organisational Design, social care, Transformation

Calculate care workers pay better, improvement experts urge

Ministers should consider the use of automatic pay calculators to ensure care workers are paid decent living wages to help boost the prestige and professionalism within the sector... Read more

Posted by leanne | 06 November 2014

"It's the economy, stupid!... But at which level...?"

The economic issue for the UK, and in fact countries across the world, is that of economic growth and how to stimulate it. Seen as a key priority to help lower outgoings (e.g.... Read more

Posted by Anonymous | 24 September 2014