The CareCubed Charter

What is the CareCubed Charter?

The CareCubed Charter aims to act as a protocol for users and sets the expected behaviour for both parties. 

It is hoped that by actively applying the principles within the charter, commissioners and providers are more likely to build trust and mutual respect, achieve a better balance of risk and streamline the negotiation process.

The overarching aim of signing up to the charter is to ensure positive outcomes are achieved for people who rely on care and support services, through the effective use of resources and with providers and commissioners working as partners.

The charter aims to make it clear that working collaboratively and transparently is in the best interests of providers and commissioners alike. We coined the term ‘fair price, fair care’ and having a charter is about wanting to articulate what it means to be a good provider and a good commissioner.”  Dr Andrew Larner, Chief Executive at iESE.

We invite all local authorities and care providers to sign-up to the principles outlined in the charter. You can also read our guidance on signing up to the charter.

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CareCubed Charter Guidance

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