iESE Conference 2022

Tuesday 15th November – Wednesday 16th November | Free Online Event

Our conference will help navigate the challenges you face, to know what best practice is right for you, and to guide you towards the best possible future. This virtual conference will be held online and is free to attend for senior officers and members to attend

The iESE Conference 2022

Tuesday 15th November – Wednesday 16th November | Free Online Event

Our conference will help you navigate the challenges you are facing, to know what best practice is right for you, and to guide you towards the best possible future.

In a post-European war, post-pandemic and post- cost of living environment, our conference will explore what councils can do to build sustainable communities allowing their residents to not only survive but thrive. Together we will look at the principles of what success looks like for a local authority and identify the stepping-stones on how to get there. Taking this a step further, we will also be exploring a “feet on the ground, eyes on the horizon” approach to predict future best practice, separating out what is contextual and what always works, to building back better and beyond. 

This virtual conference will be held online and is free to attend for senior officers and members to attend. 

Key speakers include:

  • Amy Pitt, Service Director of Communities, Herefordshire Council
  • Andy Hoare, Assistant Director Business Transformation, South Staffordshire Council
  • Arthur Charvonia, Chief Executive of Babergh and Mid Suffolk Council
  • Audrey Wales, Alderman, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council
  • Carla Dix, Strategic Innovations Programme Lead, Delta Wellbeing
  • Charlie Allen, Transformation Project Manager, London Borough of Havering
  • Craig Barker, Senior Digital Service Design Officer, Cumbria County Council
  • Craig McArthur, Director of Health & Social Care, East Ayrshire Council
  • Craig Miller, Director, London Borough of Barnet
  • Dave Heywood, Chief Executive, South Staffordshire District Council
  • Fiona Lees, former Chief Executive of East Ayrshire Council
  • Ian Bowers, Climate Change Manager, Babergh & Mid Suffolk Councils
  • Ian Fitzpatrick, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Planning & Regeneration, Eastbourne & Lewes Councils
  • Joanna Jones, Senior Delivery Manager for System Flow & Urgent Care, Carmarthenshire Council
  • Karen Hastings, Investment & Place Manager, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council
  • Mark Hunter, Strategic Lead Food and Facilities, East Ayrshire Council
  • Patrick Odling-Smee, Director of Housing Services, London Borough of Havering
  • Paul Cooper, Head of Homelessness, London Borough of Newham
  • Cllr David Tutt, Council Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council
  • Cllr Denise Turner-Stewart, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Communities and Community Safety, Surrey County Council
  • Cllr Paul Bettison, Council Leader of Bracknell Forest Council


The Virtual Conference Experience

This year our conference was will be an online event with delegates joining us virtually. We have created an online portal for our virtual delegates with access granted from Tuesday 1st November until Friday 23rd December 2022.

Join the conference in real-time

  • We are live streaming our presentations and Transform Talks so that you can watch our content in real-time.
  • You can register for our breakout presentations and join us virtually via MS Teams where you can interact with the solutions experts and other conference delegates.

Connect with other delegates

  • Our portal allows you to connect with conference delegates who have given their permission to share their details with other delegates, allowing you to email and connect with each other on socials with ease.

Download resources

  • All powerpoint presentations used throughout the day will be made accessible on our portal.
  • You can also download a range of documents, brochures and case studies from our public sector digital solutions.

Catch up on anything you’ve missed

  • Our video library allows you to watch back all our recorded segments including presentations, Transform Talks and breakout presentations

Carry on the conversations

  • We’ve lined up a number of follow-on events to carry on conversations around the themes discussed at our conference. We are opening up registration exclusively to our virtual delegates.

Catch Up on the iESE Conference 2022

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Day One | Tuesday 15th November

10:00 – 10:45 – Welcome and opening plenary for the iESE Conference

Cllr David Tutt will be opening up the conference by welcoming our key speakers and online delegates. Led by our Chief Executive Dr Andrew Larner, this segment will be a fireside chat with Cllr David Tutt, Cllr Paul Betisson, Jonathan Huish and Amanda Milliner about what building sustainable communities  in a post European war, post covid, post cost of living crisis environment looks like from both an economical and social perspective. We will consider what this looks like for councils and for their local residents.

11:00 – 11:30 – Transform Talk 1: Digital, Tech & Data Insight

With the aspiration of becoming the digital organisation of the future, local government needs to become intelligent, rethink what services it delivers, create capability, whilst continuing to deliver essential services on a day-to-day basis. This segment will consider a digital approach to transformation itself and explore the use of data and supportive technologies that forward-thinking councils are using to build dynamic local public services.

11:45 – 12:30 – Breakout Session 1: Rolling Transformation

This segment will look at how to achieve change in practice. There will be a showcase of a few customer-centric solutions that can bring immediate benefits to your organisation and deliver positive outcomes fro local residents.

13:00 – 13:30 – Transform Talk 2: Community Enablement

More and more local authorities are striving to adopt a community enabling approach and to allow and encourage residents to self-serve. We need to be creating resilient communities whereby the council isn’t the answer to a problem, but the community is able to create its own solution itself. In this Transform Talk we will discover the pathways to community-enablement including considering the role of local government reorganisation.

13:45 – 14:30 – Breakout Session 4: Regeneration

With existing strategies and approaches no longer working, there is a need more than ever to reinvent how we deliver public services. This will be a fireside chat with John Comber, former Chief Executive of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Fiona Lees, former Chief Executive of East Ayrshire Council.

13:45 – 14:30 – Breakout Session 3: Cyber Security

This segment will look at the latest cyber trends in local government, and explore what councils can be doing to not only better-protect their organisation, but take it a step further to protect their local communities. We will hear from representatives from Eastbourne and Lewes Councils, South Staffordshire District Council and Mole Valley District Council.

Day Two | Wednesday 16th November

08:00 – 08:45 – Breakfast Briefing for Senior Officers + Members

This breakfast briefing is by invitation only. Should you wish to join, please contact Annabelle directly at 

10:00 – 10:30 – Transform Talk 3: The Green Agenda

Sustainability goes beyond the environment, which is a pressing and vital component, but that it also embraces social and economic factors too. All are linked and tied to our methodology of helping local authorities move from surviving to thriving. A community cannot be thriving if it is not sustainable. In this Transform Talk we will look at sustainability as a sector and as individual entities, and also consider how our policies and plans affect the people and places we serve and the planet.

10:45 – 11:30 – Breakout Session 4: Big Picture Sustainability

Eastbourne and Lewes Councils have engaged a strategic partner, Clear Futures, to look at decarbonisation of its social housing stock. Other local authorities can use the partnership for transformative challenges in the built environment too – particularly those with an environmental and sustainability element.

10:45 – 11:30 – Breakout Session 5: Social Care

The latest digital innovations are providing critical support to councils during these challenging times – saving money, making services more efficient and improving the lives of local residents. As a not for profit, for the good of the sector, iESE continue to scan the horizon for digital solutions that are making a real difference and have cherry-picked three which focus on some of the biggest challenges facing local government right now – including social care commissioning, contextual safeguarding in children’s services and the case management system of the future.

11:45 – 12:15 – Transform Talk 4: Customer Focus and Congruence

The importance of meeting the needs of service users and placing customer focused transformation at the centre of decision-making processes is increasingly recognised, with a need to genuinely engage customers in the design of future service delivery options, which allow them to meet as many of their own needs as possible. This Transform Talk will look at how to achieve a holistic customer focus by aligning the purpose, priorities, policies, culture and actions of the individuals within the organisation with its purpose and desired outcomes.

12:30 – 13:30 – Future Best Practice Showcase

This session will act as a to guide to success for councils, discussing what it takes for councils to be “high-performers”in a post-European war, post-covid, post-cost of living crisis environment. Here we invite representatives from a handful of councils that have achieved outstanding results in our iESE Awards, sharing their best practice and lessons learnt from their achievements. And look to the future to navigate the challenges that lie ahead and outline the stepping stones for future success.


What we got up to last year

Last year, we saw 136 delegates from 69 different public sector organisations attend our conference either in-person or online. The iESE Conference 2021 was an opportunity to celebrate the PEOPLE behind local public service delivery, taking best practice and lessons learnt from past experience into the present and beyond to help you design the council of the future.

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