Local Government Lawyers Help Drive Change

Local government legal teams have been at the forefront of change in authorities across the country, re-focussing and re-inventing themselves to drive down costs and share legal... Read more

Posted by leanne | 26 February 2016

Experience of the past alone won’t be enough for a council of the future

A RADICAL approach to staff recruitment could pave the way for authorities as the drive for better outcomes with less money becomes even more pressing.... Read more

Posted by leanne | 10 June 2015

Category: Consultancy, Organisational Design, PR

iESE: Supporting Northern Ireland Reform

Next week, Northern Ireland will implement the biggest reform of it’s public services for 50 years, as 11 newly-established councils take on a range of increased powers. Matt... Read more

Posted by leanne | 22 April 2015

Category: Consultancy, Northern Ireland, Organisational Design