Officers and Councillors Relationships

Part 5: What is the relationship between locally elected councillors and the paid officers of the Council? The role and responsibility of elected members and officers are defined in individual council constitutions, with much of this resulting from specific...

Measuring Councillor Performance

Part 4: How is the performance of locally elected councillors measured? The roles and responsibilities of councillors and associated performance criteria and measures are subject to definition in several places including legislation/regulation, through guidance,...

Residents and Councillors

Part 3: Do residents know who their councillors are? There is a clear lack of recognition between councillors and their citizens. Surveys have found around 79% of East Midlands residents were unable to name a single local councillor, whilst the highest recognition was...

Role of a Councillor

Part 2: What is the role of a councillor, what they do and how long does it take? What exactly does an elected member do? Why should you become one for your local area? Here we look at the role of a councillor and what they do. A councillor is expected to be visible,...

What are Elected Members

Part 1: So, who and what are locally elected members? With local government responsible for a range of vital services, and around 20,000 locally elected members in the UK, we look into who and what they are. Local government is responsible for a range of vital...

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