Covid-19 Apps for Authorities

Netcall: Providing an app sharing solution Low-code platform provider Netcall has launched a Covid-19 package designed to allow local authorities to jumpstart their Covid-19 responses by using unbranded apps designed by itself and its local government community...

iESE Procures PPE

iESE Joins Project Little Boat in Coronavirus Fight Not-for-profit public sector consultancy iESE has joined forces with Project Little Boat, an innovative scheme implementing a suite of solutions to help fight Coronavirus. Dr Andrew Larner, Chief Executive at iESE,...

Officers and Councillors Relationships

Part 5: What is the relationship between locally elected councillors and the paid officers of the Council? The role and responsibility of elected members and officers are defined in individual council constitutions, with much of this resulting from specific...

Measuring Councillor Performance

Part 4: How is the performance of locally elected councillors measured? The roles and responsibilities of councillors and associated performance criteria and measures are subject to definition in several places including legislation/regulation, through guidance,...

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