CareCubed: Clarity on Cost of Care

iESE is proud to announce the launch of the new online care costing tool: CareCubed

Find out how you can use this tool to help improve care costing of social care in your organisation...

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Why Choose Us?

We’ve delivered more than £1 Billion  in savings and new income for our members, by offering a structured approach to transformation, service design and innovation.

  • Innovating - not exploiting
  • Building capacity - not dependency
  • Tailored - not off the shelf
  • Teamwork - not tendering
  • Sharing - not controlling
  • Protecting - not profiting

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About iESE

Created by local authorities as a shared resource to transform public services and retain experience within the sector, iESE has supported a wide range of transformations throughout the UK.

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iESE Transformation Awards 2019

Official photos from the awards are available to download

Congratulations to all of the winners! Apply for a certificate of excellence now and go through to next years awards. 

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This year we launched Transform within the MJ, a magazine for all public servants seeking to transform local public services which is available free online.


We are always looking to build stories with local authorities about your own transformations, so please get in touch if you would like to contribute to its creation!

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