Business case 

Business Case

The purpose of a Business Case is to enable you to make an informed decision on a preferred option for change or future delivery. In order to meet the ever-changing demand from the public sector and its residents, we need to change the way we deliver our local public services, but the services themselves.

We can help your organisation to create or review a Business Case. It will provide informed, impartial and context sensitive recommendations and options for consideration. When complete it becomes the key document of record for the proposal and project, summarising objectives and key aspects of implementation and post-implementation evaluation.

What is the iESE
Business Case?

We will provide you with a clear framework for evaluating your proposal, based around iESE’s Business Case Framework. Following our tried and tested methodology, we help you ask the right questions to ensure the options identified are right for your organisation. We will help you establish a vision and purpose which supports your strategic direction, before identifying a number of options and highlighting the effects of these.

We will conduct an in-depth financial analysis to ensure the proposal is economically viable, before turning to key aspects of implementation and post-implementation evaluation, identifying any benefits and strategies for realising these.

What are the iESE
Business Case benefits?

Our Business Case services provide the following benefits to your organisation:

  • It provides a clear proposal for change
  • It sets out a series of options and impartial recommendations, enabling you to make informed decisions about the future
  • It generates senior management support and funding
  • It focuses on the realisation of benefits and identifying your potential through our logical methodology
  • It defines success and identify how to measure and track outcomes and benefit


“The customer-centric model coupled with potential savings highlighted by the iESE Business Case - around £1.4m - was too interesting to ignore.”

Jeff Stack, Chief Executive, Broxbourne Borough Council

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