iESE Transformation Framework

New technology, new ways of working and new relationships with residents and businesses provide an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent local public services and rejuvenate communities. But the financial headroom to experiment and test new systems alongside old ones no longer exists.

The iESE Way brings certainty to your transformation from savings and new systems and processes to culture change and your relationships with customer and community. iESE has been reinventing local public services for more than a decade. We can do more than help you survive – we can help you thrive.

iESE Transformation Framework

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Transforming the iESE Way

The iESE Transformation Model has three levels: Service, Customer and Community

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Our extensive work with local authorities across the country has found most councils are focusing their transformation activity at the Service Level (level 1). This is where the council is revamping and tweaking services to make them more efficient and achieve cost savings. Looking at diagram B below, level 1 relates to route optimisation.

At the Customer Level (level 2), councils are looking more at what the customer needs to give a better and more efficient service, preventing unnecessary repeated contact with the council and making savings at the same time. In diagram B, level 2 tallies with removing waste collections.

The Community Level (level 3) is at the cutting-edge of transformation and we are starting to see examples of this in some local authorities. At level 3, the local authority is concentrating on designing out the need for the service in the first place. Level 3, if well designed, should have better outcomes and lead to less reliance on the local authority. In diagram B, level 3 relates to installing a home incinerator in all houses to avoid the need to collect refuse at all.

Latest News on Transformation

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The Right Care at a Fair Price

CareCubed is the market-leading care pricing tool which offers a transparent solution to help councils, CCGs and providers agree the cost of placements.

Cost of Care Tool Announcement

IESE has been selected to deliver a free national cost of care tool which delivers against DHSC requirements for the cost of care exercise.

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The damage seen in recent successful cyber attacks on local government highlights how this issue needs to remain high up on the agenda.

Digital Services Human Touch

One might think that following best practice is a secure defence, but NCSC guidance is there to only limit the damage from a breach, not prevent attack.

Cyber Best Practice Not Enough

One might think that following best practice is a secure defence, but NCSC guidance is there to only limit the damage from a breach, not prevent attack.

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