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Thanks for registering your interest in CareCubed, please find a variety of supporting documents and videos below to give you some further information about what our tool can help your local authority achieve.
CareCubed, is already used in more than 100 councils and care providers across the UK. The tool was developed in partnership with both commissioning authorities and care providers and has already handled more than 50,000 cost of care assessments.
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An Introduction to CareCubed

Watch our video below to learn more about our tool.

CareCubed Case Studies

We have a range of CareCubed case studies in both local authorities and care providers, click on the carousel below to read them.

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iESE is offering  a short online session to discuss the challenges you face and show how CareCubed can support you with these. We will also be happy to run through an example placement and provide a value for money assessment. Please click on the button below to secure a slot at a convenient time and date that works for you and your colleagues.

Commissioning in the Dark

Without having a powerful evidence-base to understand what we ‘do’ pay and what we ‘should’ be paying, we are commissioning in the dark!

CareCubed and the Children’s Reform

Start understanding and shaping local provision better with the help of the market-leading strategy and negotiation tool CareCubed.

Implementation Partners for CareCubed

iESE partners with Peopletoo to help customers maximise the benefits of CareCubed and ensure it is embedded into processes.

Diving into the Future

We see an increasing priority for local/hyper local regeneration, inclusive growth, sustainability, and renewal to build vibrant communities.

Future of Care Systems

A new human-centred approach is needed to unleash the potential for better workflows in our new cloud-based world to meet the needs of today.

Market Leading Care Tool

Market Leading Tool CareCubed offers a transparent solution to help councils and providers come to an agreement on the cost of placements.

Safeguarding Children App

MindOfMyOwn helps safeguard vulnerable children during lockdown with app to help get their voices heard and participate in decisions made about their lives.

CareCubed Combats Coronavirus

CareCubed, which helps commissioners and providers calculate the fair cost of care placements, shown to be a valuable tool during the coronavirus crisis.

Over 40s Social Care Tax

Social care premium: a new tax announced for over 40s, retirees and employers to fund the spiralling costs of social care…

Find Out More About CareCubed

Built on a decade of experience with its predecessor, the Care Funding Calculator, the tool uses an evidence-based approach to give a clear baseline for care costs. It is used to bring clarity to the cost of care by both care commissioners (local authority and Clinical Commissioning Groups) as well as care providers.

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